Interface ByteBufVisitor.ByteBufVisitorCallback<T>

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface ByteBufVisitor.ByteBufVisitorCallback<T>
    The callback interface for visiting buffers. In case of a heap buffer that is backed by an byte[] array, the visitArray method is called. This is due to the internal implementation detail of the ByteBuf.getBytes(int, ByteBuf, int, int) method for heap buffers.
    • Method Detail

      • visitBuffer

        void visitBuffer​(T context,
                         io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf visitBuffer,
                         int visitIndex,
                         int visitLength)
      • visitArray

        void visitArray​(T context,
                        byte[] visitArray,
                        int visitIndex,
                        int visitLength)
      • preferArrayOrMemoryAddress

        default boolean preferArrayOrMemoryAddress​(T context)
      • acceptsMemoryAddress

        default boolean acceptsMemoryAddress​(T context)