Class ListDiskFilesService

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    public class ListDiskFilesService
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpEndpointService
    HttpEndpointService that handle Bookkeeper list disk files related http request.

    The GET method will list all bookie files of type journal|entrylog|index in this bookie. The output would be like this: { "journal files" : "filename1 \t ...", "entrylog files" : "filename1 \t ...", "index files" : "filename1 \t ..." }

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      protected ServerConfiguration conf  
      (package private) static org.slf4j.Logger LOG  
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      org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceResponse handle​(org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceRequest request)  
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        public org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceResponse handle​(org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceRequest request)
                                                                      throws java.lang.Exception
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        handle in interface org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpEndpointService