Class BookieStateReadOnlyService

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    public class BookieStateReadOnlyService
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpEndpointService
    HttpEndpointService that handles readOnly state related http requests. The GET method will get the current readOnly state of the bookie. The PUT method will change the current readOnly state of the bookie if the desired state is different from the current. The request body could be {"readOnly":true/false}. The current or the updated state will be included in the response.
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      org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceResponse handle​(org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceRequest request)  
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      • BookieStateReadOnlyService

        public BookieStateReadOnlyService​(Bookie bookie)
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      • handle

        public org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceResponse handle​(org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpServiceRequest request)
                                                                      throws java.lang.Exception
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        handle in interface org.apache.bookkeeper.http.service.HttpEndpointService