Class BookieProtocol.BatchedReadRequest

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class BookieProtocol.BatchedReadRequest
    extends BookieProtocol.ReadRequest
    The request for reading data with batch optimization. The ledger_id and entry_id will be used as start_ledger_id and start_entry_id. And the batch read operation can only happen on one ledger.
    • Field Detail

      • requestId

        long requestId
      • maxCount

        int maxCount
      • maxSize

        long maxSize
    • Method Detail

      • create

        static BookieProtocol.BatchedReadRequest create​(byte protocolVersion,
                                                        long ledgerId,
                                                        long entryId,
                                                        short flags,
                                                        byte[] masterKey,
                                                        long requestId,
                                                        int maxCount,
                                                        long maxSize)
      • getMaxCount

        int getMaxCount()
      • getMaxSize

        long getMaxSize()
      • getRequestId

        long getRequestId()