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Version: 4.5.1

Apache BookKeeper 4.5.1

This documentation is for Apache BookKeeper version 4.5.1.

Apache BookKeeper is a scalable, fault-tolerant, and low latency storage service optimized for realtime workloads. It offers durability, replication, and strong consistency as essentials for building reliable real-time applications.

BookKeeper is well suited for scenarios like this:

WAL (Write-Ahead-Logging)The HDFS namenode
Message storageApache Pulsar
Offset/cursor storageApache Pulsar
Object/BLOG storageStoring snapshots to replicated state machines.

Learn more about Apache BookKeeper and what it can do for your organization:

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  • Concepts: Start with concepts. This will help you to fully understand the other parts of the documentation, including the setup, integration and operation guides.
  • Getting Started: Install Apache BookKeeper and run bookies locally
  • API: Read the API documentation to learn how to use Apache BookKeeper to build your applications.
  • Deployment: The Deployment Guide shows how to deploy Apache BookKeeper to production clusters.


  • Operations: The Admin Guide shows how to run Apache BookKeeper on production, what are the production considerations and best practices.