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Version: 4.11.1

Decommission Bookies

In case the user wants to decommission a bookie, the following process is useful to follow in order to verify if the decommissioning was safely done.

Before we decommission

  1. Ensure state of your cluster can support the decommissioning of the target bookie. Check if EnsembleSize >= Write Quorum >= Ack Quorum stays true with one less bookie

  2. Ensure target bookie shows up in the listbookies command.

  3. Ensure that there is no other process ongoing (upgrade etc).

Process of Decommissioning

  1. Log on to the bookie node, check if there are underreplicated ledgers.

If there are, the decommission command will force them to be replicated. $ bin/bookkeeper shell listunderreplicated

  1. Stop the bookie $ bin/ stop bookie

  2. Run the decommission command. If you have logged onto the node you wish to decommission, you don't need to provide -bookieid If you are running the decommission command for target bookie node from another bookie node you should mention the target bookie id in the arguments for -bookieid $ bin/bookkeeper shell decommissionbookie or $ bin/bookkeeper shell decommissionbookie -bookieid <target bookieid>

  3. Validate that there are no ledgers on decommissioned bookie $ bin/bookkeeper shell listledgers -bookieid <target bookieid>

Last step to verify is you could run this command to check if the bookie you decommissioned doesn’t show up in list bookies:

./bookkeeper shell listbookies -rw -h
./bookkeeper shell listbookies -ro -h