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Testing guide


Apache BookKeeper is a well adopted software project with a strong commitment to testing. Consequently, it has many testing-related needs. It requires precommit tests to ensure code going to the repository meets a certain quality bar and it requires ongoing postcommit tests to make sure that more subtle changes which escape precommit are nonetheless caught. This document outlines how to write tests, which tests are appropriate where, and when tests are run, with some additional information about the testing systems at the bottom.

Testing Scenarios

With the tools at our disposal, we have a good set of utilities which we can use to verify BookKeeper correctness. To ensure an ongoing high quality of code, we use precommit and postcommit testing.


For precommit testing, BookKeeper uses GitHub Actions to ensure that pull requests meet a certain quality bar. These precommits verify correctness via unit/integration tests.

In case of failures, you can re-run failing checks commenting rerun failure checks in the pull. More details on GitHub actions here


Currently in postcommit, we re-run precommit tests against both master and the most recent release branch. In this way we can ensure also the main branches are not broken.