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BP-33: Move releasing official docker images out of main repo


Current bookkeeper docker images are auto-built by apache docker account. However it becomes problematic in the release process:

Docker autobuild uses release tag for labeling the versions for docker images. But the Dockerfile can only be updated after a release is successfully made. So we have to retag a release after a release, in order to update Dockerfile to build the docker image.

Proposed Changes

Follow what flink is doing, and maintain the docker files outside of the bookkeeper main repo.

  • Create an organization asfbookkeeper-ecosystem for hosting repos that related bookkeeper but not necessarily needed to be put in main repo.
  • Create a repo docker-bookkeeper under asfbookkeeper-ecosystem for hosting the docker files following the suggested practices from making a docker official image.
  • Add a library definition file under docker-library/official-images for bookkeeper.
  • Add an image doc under docker-library/docs for bookkeeper.
  • Update the release guide on how to update docker images at the end of each release.
  • Remove docker dir from main repo or make it used for building unreleased docker images only.
  • Disable docker autobuild from apache account.

Proposed docker file repo:

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan


Test Plan


Rejected Alternatives