The git repository for BookKeeper is This is our primary repository and all commits must be pushed it to.

We also have a mirror on github, Note, that this is a readonly mirror. We do not accept pull requests through github at this time.

Contributing a patch to BookKeeper

Contributions to BookKeeper must go through our bug tracking system. A suggested workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a bug report on JIRA.
  2. Create a local branch from master. git checkout -b BOOKKEEPER-1234 master
  3. Make your modifications, add tests, and run the whole test suite.
  4. Commit your changes.
  5. Generate a patch. git format-patch --no-prefix master
  6. Upload the patch to JIRA.
  7. If the patch is non-trivial, also upload it to review board under bookkeeper-git.
  8. Click on Patch Available in JIRA to signal that the patch is ready to be reviewed.