Class OpStatsData

  • public class OpStatsData
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class provides a read view of operation specific stats. We expose this to JMX. We use primitives because the class has to conform to CompositeViewData.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OpStatsData

        public OpStatsData​(long numSuccessfulEvents,
                           long numFailedEvents,
                           double avgLatencyMillis,
                           long[] percentileLatenciesMillis)
    • Method Detail

      • getP10Latency

        public long getP10Latency()
      • getP50Latency

        public long getP50Latency()
      • getP90Latency

        public long getP90Latency()
      • getP99Latency

        public long getP99Latency()
      • getP999Latency

        public long getP999Latency()
      • getP9999Latency

        public long getP9999Latency()
      • getNumSuccessfulEvents

        public long getNumSuccessfulEvents()
      • getNumFailedEvents

        public long getNumFailedEvents()
      • getAvgLatencyMillis

        public double getAvgLatencyMillis()