Interface ZooKeeperServerShim

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    public interface ZooKeeperServerShim
    In order to be compatible with multiple versions of ZooKeeper. All parts of the ZooKeeper Server that are not cross-version compatible are encapsulated in an implementation of this class.
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      void initialize​( snapDir, logDir, int zkPort, int maxCC)
      Initialize zookeeper server.
      void start()
      Start the zookeeper server.
      void stop()
      Stop the zookeeper server.
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      • initialize

        void initialize​( snapDir,
                        int zkPort,
                        int maxCC)
        Initialize zookeeper server.
        snapDir - Snapshot Dir.
        logDir - Log Dir.
        zkPort - ZooKeeper Port.
        maxCC - Max Concurrency for Client.
        Throws: - when failed to initialize zookeeper server.
      • start

        void start()
        Start the zookeeper server.
        Throws: - when failed to start zookeeper server.
      • stop

        void stop()
        Stop the zookeeper server.