Class BookieProtocol.PacketHeader

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    public static final class BookieProtocol.PacketHeader
    extends java.lang.Object
    The first int of a packet is the header. It contains the version, opCode and flags. The initial versions of BK didn't have this structure and just had an int representing the opCode as the first int. This handles that case also.
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      static short getFlags​(int packetHeader)  
      static byte getOpCode​(int packetHeader)  
      static byte getVersion​(int packetHeader)  
      static int toInt​(byte version, byte opCode, short flags)  
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      • PacketHeader

        public PacketHeader()
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      • toInt

        public static int toInt​(byte version,
                                byte opCode,
                                short flags)
      • getVersion

        public static byte getVersion​(int packetHeader)
      • getOpCode

        public static byte getOpCode​(int packetHeader)
      • getFlags

        public static short getFlags​(int packetHeader)