Class NativeIOJni

  • class NativeIOJni
    extends java.lang.Object
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      (package private) static int close​(int fd)  
      (package private) static int fallocate​(int fd, int mode, long offset, long len)
      fallocate is a linux-only syscall, so callers must handle the possibility that it does not exist.
      (package private) static void free​(long pointer)  
      (package private) static int fsync​(int fd)  
      (package private) static long lseek​(int fd, long offset, int whence)  
      (package private) static int open​(java.lang.String pathname, int flags, int mode)  
      (package private) static int posix_fadvise​(int fd, long offset, long len, int flag)  
      (package private) static long posix_memalign​(int alignment, int size)  
      (package private) static long pread​(int fd, long pointer, long size, long offset)  
      (package private) static int pwrite​(int fd, long pointer, int count, long offset)  
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