Class LedgersIndexRebuildOp

  • public class LedgersIndexRebuildOp
    extends java.lang.Object
    Scan all entries in the journal and entry log files then rebuilds the ledgers index. Notable stuff: - Fences every ledger as even if we check the metadata, we cannot guarantee that a fence request was served while the rebuild was taking place (even if the bookie is running in read-only mode). Losing the fenced status of a ledger is UNSAFE. - Sets the master key as an empty byte array. This is correct as empty master keys are overwritten and we cannot use the password from metadata, and cannot know 100% for sure how a digest for the password was generated.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LedgersIndexRebuildOp

        public LedgersIndexRebuildOp​(ServerConfiguration conf,
                                     boolean verbose)
    • Method Detail

      • initiate

        public boolean initiate()