Interface ClientAuthProvider.Factory

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    public static interface ClientAuthProvider.Factory
    A factory to create the authentication providers for bookkeeper clients.
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      • init

        void init​(ClientConfiguration conf)
        Initialize the factory with the client configuration and protobuf message registry. Implementors must add any extension messages which contain the auth payload, so that the client can decode auth messages it receives from the server.
      • newProvider

        ClientAuthProvider newProvider​(ClientConnectionPeer connection,
                                       AuthCallbacks.GenericCallback<java.lang.Void> completeCb)
        Create a new instance of a client auth provider. Each connection should get its own instance, as they can hold connection specific state. The completeCb is used to notify the client that the authentication handshake is complete. CompleteCb should be called only once. If the authentication was successful, BKException.Code.OK should be passed as the return code. Otherwise, another error code should be passed.
        connection - an handle to the connection
        completeCb - callback to be notified when authentication is complete.
      • getPluginName

        java.lang.String getPluginName()
        Get Auth provider plugin name. Used as a sanity check to ensure that the bookie and the client. are using the same auth provider.
      • close

        default void close()
        Release resources.