Class AbstractIntCrc

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected int bitWidth  
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      AbstractIntCrc​(java.lang.String algorithm, int bitWidth, int initial, int xorOut)  
    • Field Detail

      • bitWidth

        protected final int bitWidth
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractIntCrc

        AbstractIntCrc​(java.lang.String algorithm,
                       int bitWidth,
                       int initial,
                       int xorOut)
    • Method Detail

      • algorithm

        public java.lang.String algorithm()
        Description copied from interface: Hash
        Returns the canonical name of this hash algorithm.
        the name of this hash algorithm
      • length

        public int length()
        Description copied from interface: Hash
        Returns the length in bytes of the output of this hash function.
        the hash length in bytes
      • initial

        protected int initial()
        Description copied from class: AbstractIncrementalIntHash
        The initial state of the hash function, which is the same as the output value for an empty input sequence.
        Specified by:
        initial in class AbstractIncrementalIntHash
        the initial hash state/output
      • resumeUnchecked

        protected int resumeUnchecked​(int current,
                                      byte[] input,
                                      int index,
                                      int length)
        Description copied from class: AbstractIncrementalIntHash
        Evaluates this hash function as if the given range of the given input array were appended to the previously hashed input. The index and length parameters have already been validated.
        Specified by:
        resumeUnchecked in class AbstractIncrementalIntHash
        current - the hash output for input hashed so far
        input - the input array
        index - the starting index of the first input byte
        length - the length of the input range
        the output of the hash function for the concatenated input
      • resumeRaw

        protected abstract int resumeRaw​(int crc,
                                         byte[] input,
                                         int index,
                                         int length)
      • reflect

        protected final int reflect​(int value)