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Version: 4.15.5

BookKeeper installation

You can install BookKeeper either by downloading a GZipped tarball package, using the Docker image or cloning the BookKeeper repository.



You can download Apache BookKeeper releases from the Download page.


To build BookKeeper from source, clone the repository from the GitHub mirror:

$ git clone

Build using Gradle

Once you have the BookKeeper on your local machine, either by downloading or cloning it, you can then build BookKeeper from source using Gradle:

$ ./gradlew build -x signDistTar -x test

To run all the tests:

$ ./gradlew test -x signDistTar

Package directory

The BookKeeper project contains several subfolders that you should be aware of:

bookkeeper-serverThe BookKeeper server and client
bookkeeper-benchmarkA benchmarking suite for measuring BookKeeper performance
bookkeeper-statsA BookKeeper stats library
bookkeeper-stats-providersBookKeeper stats providers