This documentation is for Apache DistributedLog version 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT.

Apache DistributedLog is a high-throughput, low-latency replicated log service, offering durability, replication and strong consistency as essentials for building reliable real-time applications.

First Steps

  • Concepts: Start with the basic concepts of DistributedLog. This will help you to fully understand the other parts of the documentation, including the setup, integration, and operation guides. It is highly recommended to read this first.

  • Quickstarts: Run DistributedLog on your local machine or follow the tutorial to write a simple program to interact with DistributedLog.

  • Setup: The kubernetes and cluster setup guides show how to deploy DistributedLog Stack.

  • Programming Guide: You can check out our guides about basic concepts and the Core Library API or Proxy Client API to learn how to use DistributedLog to build your reliable real-time services.

Next Steps