Write Proxy Client API

Write Proxy is a 'stateless' service on managing the ownerships of writers of log streams. It is used to accept to fan-in writes from different publishers.

Build Client

The first thing of using Write Proxy service is to build the write proxy client. The endpoint of a Write Proxy service is typically identified by Finagle Name. Name strings must be supplied when constructing a Write Proxy client.

// 1. Create a Finagle client builder. It would be used for building connection to write proxies.
ClientBuilder clientBuilder = ClientBuilder.get()

// 2. Choose a client id to identify the client.
ClientId clientId = ClientId$.MODULE$.apply("test");

String finagleNameStr = "inet!";

// 3. Create the write proxy client builder
DistributedLogClientBuilder builder = DistributedLogClientBuilder.newBuilder()

// 4. Build the client
DistributedLogClient client = builder.build();

Write Records

Writing records to log streams via Write Proxy is much simpler than using the core library. The transaction id will be automatically assigned with timestamp by write proxies. The timestamp is guaranteed to be non-decreasing, which it could be treated as physical time within a log stream, and be used for implementing features like TTL in a strong consistent database.

DistributedLogClient client = ...;

// Write a record to a stream
String streamName = "test-stream";
byte[] data = ...;
Future<DLSN> writeFuture = client.write(streamName, ByteBuffer.wrap(data));

Truncate Streams

Client could issue truncation requests (via #truncate(String, DLSN)) to write proxies to truncate a log stream up to a given position.

DistributedLogClient client = ...;

// Truncate a stream to DLSN
String streamName = "test-stream";
DLSN truncationDLSN = ...;
Future<DLSN> truncateFuture = client.truncate(streamName, truncationDLSN);