This page provides instructions on how to deploy DistributedLog using docker.

Docker Setup


  1. Docker


  1. Create a snapshot using
  1. Create your own docker image using
docker build -t <your image name> .
  1. You can run the docker container using
docker run -e ZK_SERVERS=<zk server list> -e DEPLOY_BK=<true|false> -e DEPLOY_WP=<true|false> <your image name>

Environment variables

Following are the environment variables which can change how the docker container runs.

  1. ZK_SERVERS: ZK servers running exernally (the container does not run a zookeeper)
  2. DEPLOY_BOTH: Deploys writeproxies as well as the bookies
  3. DEPLOY_WP: Flag to notify that a writeproxy needs to be deployed
  4. DEPLOY_BK: Flag to notify that a bookie needs to be deployed