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This is the blog for the Apache DistributedLog project. This blog contains news and updates for the project.

The first release of Apache DistributedLog

Apr 25, 2017 • Sijie Guo [@sijieg]

I’m happy to announce that Apache DistributedLog has officially released its first release under the apache umbrella - 0.4.0-incubating. This is an exciting milestone for the project, which joined the Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Incubator last year.

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A Technical Review of Kafka and DistributedLog

Sep 19, 2016 • Sijie Guo [@sijieg]

We open sourced DistributedLog 1 in May 2016. It generated a lot of interest in the community. One frequent question we are asked is how does DistributedLog compare to Apache Kafka 2. Technically DistributedLog is not a full fledged partitioned pub/sub system like Apache Kafka. DistributedLog is a replicated log stream store, using Apache BookKeeper 3 as its log segment store. It focuses on offering durability, replication and strong consistency as essentials for building reliable real-time systems. One can use DistributedLog to build and experiment with different messaging models (such as Queue, Pub/Sub).

  1. DistributedLog Website: http://distributedLog.io 

  2. Apache Kafka Website: http://kafka.apache.org/ 

  3. Apache BookKeeper Website: http://bookKeeper.apache.org/ 

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